Friday, June 4, 2010

Peony Bouquet

My dear friend has saved me! I am having a dinner party for eight tonight. In my mind, a major component is "drinks in the rose garden" (Don't I sound like a romance novelist?).

Of course I need a bouquet for the table and the roses are the only flower that's blooming right now. If I cut them for a centerpiece, then the rose garden is just a prickly green hedge.

Enter, Kim, and her magnificent peonies! I was worrying out loud yesterday about my flower situation and this was her solution: an armful of peonies! She brought white ones for the dining room table too. *Sigh* Gardeners are the best!

Do you have flowers to share? You can see firsthand how welcome your bouquet might be.


MmeBenaut said...

That really is a good friend. It's autumn here and there are lots of lovely berries and beautiful autumn leaves in the hills at the moment but precious few flowers in the garden. Won't be long before the jonquils and camelias sparkle up the garden a bit.
I'm injured so am off garden duty ... can't wait to get back out there but my physio would be very disappointed if I destroyed all the benefits of the traction that I had earlier in the day!

Anne Reeves said...

She is the best! Of my 6 peony bushes, only one gave me one bloom. There is trouble in river city, but I haven't diagnosed it yet.