Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Living Fair 2010, Part Two

I chose this photo for "Day Two" of my blog series on the Country Living magazine's Country Fair because it shows you so many things.

It shows you what incredible weather we had on Saturday - Blue sky and 74 degrees.

It shows you a glimpse of some of the fabulous vendors at the show.  This spectacular "dress" is made of wallpaper and highlights a necklace at Bloomsbury Loft of Columbus.  This dress is what happens when someone gives into their creativity.  I love it!

It also shows you the idea of collage jewelry.  The show was loaded with a mix of "anything goes" necklaces.  I saw collections of buttons, paper pinwheels, fabric cutouts and more all fashioned together to create statement necklaces. 

Feeling creative?  You should give it a go! 


Elaine said...

That wallpaper dress is so creative and unique! It looks like it was just a perfect day for the fair.

Anne Reeves said...

I couldn't believe our luck! Such a great day to see design creativity everywhere.