Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Farmer's Market Guide

I love to wander the farmer's market this time of year picking from the freshest vegetables available and buying big armfuls of zinnias.

I wonder if you know about Local Harvest? It is an online resource for finding farmer's markets in your area. Once you enter your zip code, you can see when/where farmer's markets are hosted near you.

It is a great resource for local info and also really fun to use if you are going on a "cottage" vacation where you will be cooking. What would taste better with a glass of wine, than cheese drizzled with local honey?

Plus, more and more farmer's markets are allowing craftspeople to sell their jewelry, art and even food items (jams, granola) in tents as well. I think the variety makes the market even more interesting.

Tomorrow I'll show you this year's "favorite find" at the farmer's market.


Elaine said...

When we are traveling I often wonder where the local farmer's markets are located. This looks like a great source. Thanks!

Anne Reeves said...

Me too! Thought everyone would benefit from this - enjoy!