Saturday, September 11, 2010

Citrus Sectioner

Citrus Sectioner...I know, say that 3 times fast!

But that is exactly what I wanted to show you today. I usually watch with awe as the contestants on "Top Chef" supreme an orange with lightening speed.

To "supreme" a piece of citrus, you slice and trim to create perfectly clean sections of fruit. It looks tricky and time-consuming, so I have left that to the professionals. Until I stumbled upon this...

Starfrit's "Citrus Express Cutter." What you see here is my first attempt and I think my little orange sections look great! I would love to add oranges to fresh fruit salad and compotes and now I can.

You will be jealous to know that I happened to find this on clearance at the discount home store, Homegoods. But I still think it is reasonable at the original price.

So if you are hosting a brunch anytime soon, this may be your next "must have" kitchen tool. Let the holiday planning begin!


Torch Lake Prep said...

Would Alton Brown approve?

Anne Reeves said...

I hope so - I'm not going to culinary school now! :-)