Friday, September 17, 2010

Visual Real Estate

I wanted you to see this because the use and placement of the ingredients shows the value of something that I had never considered before. The surface of a drink.

When I pour a glass of iced tea, I choose a pretty glass and then add ice to cool it and and lemon to flavor it.

From this photo, you can tell that the chef looks at the surface of the drink differently. She sees it the same way you see the surface of a cake. It is a space to be decorated.By placing a heart-shaped ice cube, a half-slice of lemon and a flower together on the surface of ligonberry tea, you can literally have edible art.

Have you ever seen the entire surface of a drink decorated? It is visual real estate.


Patricia said...

Hi there!

Nice of you to coment my picuters.. =)
I love autumn and all the lovely colours and the clear air a sunny day... =)

Oh yes now I remember that I gave you a recipe...a long time ago... =)

It´s absolutly true, that we eat and drink with our eyes means a lot and the Lingonberry tea looks beautiful!!

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs Patricia

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