Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cezanne by the Quart

I gasped, "It's a painting!"

A genius at the farmer's market decided to display their fruit like this. He is luring the next Cezanne.

Look at this link to the famous still life by Paul Cezanne called "Still Life with Fruit Dish" and then come back.

I had never thought about the life of a painter in such real terms before. The man needed fresh fruit for his masterpiece and probably trolled the fruit stand on market day to see what was fresh and worthy.

  • Did the vendors know him?
  • Did they realize that their fruit would be eaten and painted?
  • Did they coax him to their stand by showing how beautiful their fruit was in the light?
I have always loved the art of using an object beyond its original purpose (like this great book that became great art).

I realize now that Cezanne must have eaten a lot of fruit!

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