Thursday, May 3, 2012

Emma Bridgewater in the USA

"Where was that!?!," my mom asked me emphatically.  I had brought my iPad with me to her house and was catching her up on my travel photos from this Winter when she saw this display of Emma Bridgewater.

When I was doing my City Series on Houston, I blogged about the incredible shop, British Isles,  but I didn't get a chance to expound on their selection of Emma Bridgewater dishes.  The choices you have a staggering and it is the only store (in America) where I have seen more than a handful of pieces available for sale. 

Remember when I visited the ACTUAL Emma Bridgewater shop in England?  I have the 2 mugs in Black Toast, with plates to match.  When I'm ready for a teapot and sugar/creamer, this is where I coming!

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