Monday, October 8, 2012

It's So You

"And I have to have one of these, because it is so you."

The woman talking was a new customer at an art show.  I had never met her before and I hadn't explained anything in my booth to her, yet she seemed to feel very connected to me.  Did she read my blog?  Did she own my books?  Sometimes when you are an artist and you "put yourself out there," it's impossible to know the relationship you have with someone in their mind.

It was the end of the show and she was buying an armful of my petite flower arrangements in my hand-painted jam jar vases.  
And then she selected one of the vases that showcased an ANA Pineapple Sage DELIGHT jam label (shown above).  I had decided to design my own jam labels as if I had a jam company, had eaten all of the jam and was now repurposing the jar.  It amused me to no end and it was indeed my favorite vase.  But how did she know that it was so "me?"  A fun and flattering mystery.

What makes something in your house so "you?"

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