Friday, October 19, 2012

Custom Timepiece

I don't scrapbook.  I make and sew and glue and play with everything under the sun, including paper, but in terms to "official" scrapbooking with papers and embellishments enhancing a photo album, it is not one of my hobbies.  That said, I love scrapbook stores.  I never know what I am going to find or how I am going to use it, but that is half the fun!

I have made little works of art by covering matchboxes with scrapbook paper and stickers, used scalloped paper as a doily and made my own cute clips using clothespins.  But this may be my favorite project of all.  A clock!  

I bought a sheet of Bo Bunny scrapbook paper that looked like a clock face and I   glued it to the front of a clock kit from the craft store.  It is as light as air and made of paper - but it is a real clock!  Now I have a custom timepiece hanging in my office that is just my style, beautiful and interesting.

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