Friday, October 26, 2012

Las Vegas: Pool Paradise

I am not a big fan of the typical Las Vegas activities.  However, when someone says Las Vegas in March to a girl in snowy Michigan, there is lots of appeal.  When Dan was sent to a work conference for a week at the MGM Grand earlier this year, I tagged along for fun.  We had dinner together each night and during the day I did some writing and explored many of the French patisseries in the area.  You can see all of my posts from this trip by clicking Las Vegas under the City Series section in the sidebar of my blog.

But in terms of the casino, I have to be honest, the smoke, fake strawberry air freshener and noise of the public areas was a lot to take.  I am lucky that I found sanctuary on the pool deck, which was deserted from early morning until about 11 am.

This gorgeous setting was where I spent my mornings reading, writing and blogging.  Neat, eh?  It was warm and quiet.  Not a soul around except for some lap swimmers in one of the other four pools.

When people asked me how my trip was, I say that I loved my time in Las Vegas, but probably not for the reason they think.  Sometimes you have to tweak things to make them right for you.

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