Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shipshewana: Amish Cow or Gossip Girl?

Amish cows are fabulous.  Can you see the brown beauty that started walking toward me when we pulled off the road?  She "moo-ed" so much it sounded like she was trying to chit-chat and I'm sure she thought I could stay and gossip over the fence.  But alas, my friends were waiting in the car, so I took a few photographs of her picturesque farm and went on my way.

I had spotted this dairy farm on the way into Shipshewana and put it on our "must photograph" list for the day.  On weekends, Amish shops are only open on Saturday and they close promptly at five o'clock, so we needed to prioritize shops over cows.  Luckily the weather held and after a wonderful day wandering Shipshewana, I was able to capture the cows in the long shadows of afternoon sunlight.

Photos like this are the souvenirs that I treasure.