Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bananas Foster Crepe

It was an accident, but I outdid myself! I was experimenting with crepe batter (the perfected recipe will appear here soon) and was making some delicious crepes with homemade strawberry jam filling.

On a lark (and because I had so much batter left), I decided to try a different flavor. I sauteed the only fresh banana I had in butter, brown sugar and a splash of rum. I gave everyone a bite and they wanted more! Here is how to make a quick Bananas Foster filling that they will never forget.

Bananas Foster Crepe Filling

1 fresh banana, sliced

2 Tablespoons of salted butter
3 Tablespoons of dark brown sugar
a splash of white or dark rum

Saute the first 3 ingredients until hot and bubbly. Add rum, spoon into a crepe and top with a banana slice and whipped cream. Enjoy!


MmeBenaut said...

Ah, those bananas were one of the kids' favourite desserts. For them I left the rum out though.

LillyB said...

I want to try this...I have never eaten this but heard about it many times! It looks amazing!