Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lipstick Mirrors

I am a Revlon girl - Chinaglaze Red, Snowsilver Rose. I even got to know a church member better by asking her if she was wearing Persian Melon - I kid you not!

A long time ago, I bought a 2-pack of adhesive lipstick mirrors for the end of your lipstick case at a tiny drug store in northern Michigan. Pure genius! I have been waiting to see them distributed nationally

1) so that I could buy more and
2) so that I could tell you about them.

But I have given up. It has been at least eight years and they are no where to be found so I am making my own!

Find some 2 cm mirror discs at the craft store (usually in a bag of 10), get a packet of Glue Dots and pull out all of your lipsticks! It works best if you place an adhesive dot on the back of the mirror and on the lipstick case. The glue dots adhere to each other and voila! You'll be gorgeous, darling.

Note: Do not do what I did the first time. I bought the 2-pack of mirrors, met my friends for lunch, pulled my "find" out of the bag and proceeded to stick the mirror on the base (over the label) of the lipstick tube. You guessed it, it was the wrong end and I couldn't see myself in the mirror and apply lipstick at the same time! Duh! The mirror goes on the CAP, which you hold and look at while you put on your lipstick.


LillyB said...

:) I smiled at your story (sounds like something I would do! This is another great have so many!!

Anne Reeves said...

That was the result I was hoping for! A smile is worth a million to me - plus I don't want you making my dumb mistakes!