Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seattle: Belle Epicurean in Madison Park

A table on the sidewalk, fresh air, blooming trees and a Pear Almond Brioche from Belle Epicurean in Madison Park. Everything about this was just what the (jet lag) doctor ordered.

I was trying to convince myself that I was raring to go, so I drove over to Madison Park to visit my friend's favorite haunts.  The only thing I hadn't counted on was the fact that it was Monday.  Small shopping streets often keep hours on the weekend and use Monday as their day of rest.  Yep.  Each shop I checked in on was locked up tight.  Except her favorite French pastry shop, Belle Epicurean!  
I admired their gorgeous honey display (I love knowing a place I get can get bottles of Savannah Bee Company honey) and contemplated which pastry I should order.
They warmed up a Pear Almond Brioche and the scent alone was worth the price.  It smelled good enough to dab behind my ears.

When I sat down at a small table on the front walk, I realized just how tired I really was.  A latte and a snack was just what I needed.  I called my friend with the proclamation, "Guess where I'm sitting!"  We talked for a half an hour about her wonderful memories of living in Seattle.  It was the perfect way to spend my first afternoon.

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