Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seattle: Daily Dozen Doughnuts at Pike Place Market

It was the right thing to do.  I arrived at Seattle's Famed Pike Place Market and I wove through the crowd with determination.  "Where are the doughnuts?" I asked one of the vendors.  I followed her gesture to the line forming in front of Daily Dozen Doughnut Company.
Their doughnuts are a perfect mini size and as I watched the fresh and wonderful batter dropping into the hot grease, I considered my order as if it was of national importance.  

(How many could I eat?  Was it silly to order plain? No, I really like plain doughnuts - especially when they are still warm.  I have to get the maple bacon one, everybody in the food world is talking about that combo right now.  Cinnamon.  Cinnamon sounds wonderful...) 

My mind was racing and I told myself that it was the doughnut-scented air that was making me unhinged.   
My choices were: Plain, Cinnamon, Powdered, Sprinkles, Maple Frosting and Maple Frosting topped with Real Bacon.  I ordered a half dozen combination of Plain, Cinnamon and Maple Frosting with Bacon (see below) but the vendor was very generous and gave me far more than 6.
At first, I enjoyed the three doughnuts (below) as I leaned on the counter and watched the crowd grow at the Pikes Place entrance and then I snacked on a few more over the next 2 hours as I walked around buying flowers and soaking up the sights.  Thank you, Daily Dozen Doughnut Company. This is the way to start your Saturday in Seattle.

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