Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seattle: Kerry Park shows off the Seattle Skyline

What a view! I have been in Seattle for almost a week now and it is mind-boggling how much I still have on my "must see" list.  I haven't been to an area this chock full of fun in a long time.

I owe my first successful week to an old friend who used to live here (her list of recommendations has my head swimming...and I intend to do it all!) and a new friend (who heard through a mutual friend that I was visiting Seattle and generously offered to meet up with me) - these two women have made a huge difference in my acclimation. 

I normally blog daily, but I have been doing so much in a day that I haven't had time to write as things happen and now I don't know where to begin!  I've seen so much already that I could sit down this Monday and write posts all the way to April 30th.  I will do my best to keep a consistent schedule, but you might just see 3 posts go up in one day!  Palm Sunday (13th) will be spent at a local Tulip Festival (I know!), so look forward to some flower-filled posts next week.

Now back to that VIEW!  My new friend, Kathy was sure that I should see this view in the daylight before we made our way to the wharf for dinner.  The vantage point is a place called Kerry Park on Highland Drive.  There is parking on both sides of this residential street and though limited, there seemed to be a yin yang to the pace of sightseers coming and going. You must fit this into your trip - how often can you take a postcard-worthy shot?  Many of you will recognize this vista from the television show, Grey's Anatomy.

I felt lucky that I could capture Mount Rainier in this landscape the first time I tried.  I am told that cloud cover keeps her hidden much of the time and Dan swears he has only seen it a handful of times in the rain-filled weeks he traveled out here before I arrived.  It was definitely the night to capture the skyline.

This was the first of many good moments in Seattle - stay tuned.

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