Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Leelanau Lavender Breezes in Leelanau County

The Lavender is blooming on the Leelanau Peninsula!  Leelanau Lavender Breezes is a lavender-based business that has opened a farm stand selling their lavender products and fresh cut bouquets every Friday and Saturday from 10-3 in July.  You'll know they're open by the white sign they put out on the road where Kilwy Road meets County Road 651 (Good Harbor Trail) in Cedar, Michigan.

Leelanau Lavender Breezes sells their products at the Glen Arbor and Leland farmer's market, as well as in a few local shops. While I own a few of their culinary products, I had never been to their beautiful lavender farm.  I didn't even know that they were planning on opening a stand at the farm, but when I mentioned lavender to my mom she immediately referred to the sign that was just put out on County Rd 651.  Moms know everything, right?  
Since the stand was open for another hour, we hopped in the car and went in hopes of finding lavender that was ready to harvest into bouquets.  When I opened the car door, the scent of lavender was everywhere.  I didn't need the sign to confirm that I had found the right barn.  

We were greeted by owner, Penny Spencer's darling daughter and spent the next little while admiring their beautiful selection of culinary lavender, formal bath soaps and drawer/dryer sachets at the farm stand they have set up in their barn.  I have a container of their Chef's Finishing Essence in my cupboard at home and I like to sprinkle it on grilled chicken or steamed green beans.  

When it was time to cut the bouquets, we followed our young charge into the lavender field and took photos while she expertly cut our bouquets.  She was just wonderful. 

Two varieties of lavender are in bloom right now (more are expected to open in the coming weeks) and we bought bouquets of each.  Another darling daughter packaged our purchases with care in purple tissue and a bag; she's too young for the clippers, but she handled the gift wrapping with ease.
I was able to meet Penny in the lower level of the barn where she was distilling fresh lavender into a spray called hydrosol.  This family is committed to a life of delight - bringing the visual, edible and aromatic benefit of lavender to their customers in northern Michigan and beyond.  I feel relaxed already.

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