Friday, July 19, 2013

Paint When You Can

There is nothing quiet as relaxing as painting.  My mom and I always make time to paint when we are at the cottage, we sit on the patio or in the garden and try to make something beautiful (and recognizable) with our new palette of paint. Did you notice what I'm mixing paint in?  An empty egg carton tray!  Often organic eggs come in these wonderful clear trays at the grocery store (even The Merc!) and I always save them to upcycle into art trays or bead holders.

I found this set of acrylic paint tubes at Homegoods for $3.99, including 2 paint brushes!  I also bought a 3-pack of canvas panels (4 x 6) that were on sale for 40% off at Michaels, so I think each panel cost about a dollar.  With supplies this reasonable, why wouldn't you try and experiment with painting?  

You see, I have a weakness for art supplies and usually can't resist the beautiful and reasonable watercolor sets that you can buy at Michaels. Have you seen them? I buy a new one every year and get the same feeling as you get from a new box of crayons.  Love it!

Let me be clear.  I really don't know how to paint.  I copy what I can with dabs of color and blurs of water.  I think it is fun and give myself a lot of poetic license.  I also throw away the ones that don't work out.  It makes me feel better to never see it again.    

This painting was inspired by an impressionist piece I saw in a photo.  The farther away you are from my version, the better it looks. Ha!  

I am planning on taking it to Michaels Craft store to find scrapbook paper to make into a pretty mat. Then I'll frame it, hang it on the wall in my office.  It will always remind me of a beautiful summer afternoon I spent with my mom.

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