Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ribbon Based Flower Arranging

This ribbon and I have been waiting through three seasons for this moment. My Honey Dijon rose is blooming again and the plant is producing bouquets worth of blooms.  Up to this point, I have only been getting single buds, which I have happily tucked into larger arrangements, but now she is hitting her stride and I am getting great bundles of roses at once.  

Remember my (now internet famous) photo of a sweep of Honey Dijon roses?  You can't look for a Honey Dijon online without coming across my picture.  I am very proud of that, someone has to show the world delight, right?

Today's post is to remind you that sometimes your actions can be ribbon-driven. I had a lovely and unusual rose and I sought out ribbon that would make it sing. Now my beautiful 1/2 yard helps me make the most of this rose and it is just as important as a great throw pillow or good lighting.  Design is everywhere and this is an example of how having a master plan in your life can help you find the beauty of everyday moments.

This is my living room on a Thursday morning.  It makes me feel as good as it looks.  

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