Friday, July 12, 2013

Edible Flowers Make the Cake

Edible flowers turn a simple lemon cake into something that makes any old day of the week feel special.  This is the intersection where gardener meets gourmet.

Today I went to the farmer's market in Leland, Michigan and I met a sweet couple from Eureka Farms selling small bags of edible flowers.  

When I head to a small town farmer's market, I expect to see cherries, honey, soap, onions.  Edible Flowers?  You could have knocked me over with a nasturtium.
I immediately told them that I love decorating salads and sweets with edible flowers and that they were hard to come by.  And yes, I assured her that I not only decorate with the flowers, but I also eat them with abandon.  

The woman was so pleased that I was a kindred spirit and fellow flower-eater that we started chatting about our edible floral experiences.  I told her about eating daylilies with cheese piped into the blossom.  She told me that she once brought edible flowers to a party and a friend said, "I thought you were a vegetarian!"  She didn't understand the joke until her friend showed her a spider hiding under one of the petals. Ha!

She pointed out that she brings flyers on "eating edible flowers" to convince shoppers that it is indeed safe and enjoyable.  When I told her that I would include a post about her flowers in my blog about "things that bring a moment of delight" she was tickled.  The shock was that I had already featured her flowers before!  And I mean, HER flowers.

Remember this post on edible flowers that I wrote in 2009?  I bought the edible flowers in that photo from "The Ugly Tomato" farm stand on M22, just West of Lime Lake Road (next to Michigan Traders).  I found out today that the edible flowers at The Ugly Tomato are from her garden at Eureka Farms.  She was pleased to know that people all over the world have admired her flowers through my blog post.  That particular photo is one of my most popular online.  

So tonight I made a simple lemon cake, glazed it with lemon icing and covered it with edible flowers.  It was almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.  

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