Friday, September 6, 2013

Casual Flower Arrangements: Roses and Snapdragons in Juice Can Bouquet

It has been a challenge this summer; I have been out of town so much that I've hardly given my rose garden the attention that it deserves.  I have nineteen roses planted in a bed around my patio and while I tend them daily in March/April/May, it feels like they hardly see me June/July/August.  I pop home, for a week at a time, but it isn't nearly enough.

On the flip side, I've become an even better at traveling with flowers!  This particular bouquet of roses and snapdragons in an ALOHA juice can made it through the 5 hour car ride like it was nothing at all.  I slip a sandwich baggie over the top of the bouquet to keep it safe (and to limit the allergen exposure for my husband).

Do you love the vase?  I will be selling bejeweled versions in my Etsy store next week. Stay tuned!

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