Saturday, September 14, 2013

Perfect Purse Management

I was at the hairdresser one day and the ladies were all talking about how difficult it is to change purses all the time.  They said that they often stuck with one purse, not because they wanted to, but because that was how they would know they had what they needed with them.

I chimed in that I had a staging area for my purses in my bathroom linen closet and they said...what?  One of the girls asked me to blog about it so that they could see what I mean.  Voila! 

I told them that it started when I began my cigar box purse business.  I am known for the interesting fabric linings that I put in the cigar boxes and I was always opening my purse to show it off.   
When you are always opening your purse, you want the contents to be pretty. That's when I started collecting pretty pens, colorful notepads (to take orders/contact info), little tins of mints, and clear box wallets (I wish I could still sell these, but I can't find them anymore!).
Anyhoo, all of this led me to create a staging area where I stop, with the purse I am carrying that day, and load it with something from each compartment. My wallet and iPhone start the process.

From the back left in the photo above, I have:

  • cute tissues
  • Band-aids
  • coin purses/powder compacts/mirrors
  • hair bands/bobby pins
  • hand sanitizer wipes
  • a pen/calculator, key chains, little flashlights
  • Vitamin C lozenges
  • notepads
  • mints
  • allergy medicine, ear plugs, tums
  • gum
  • business cards
  • a clear jar of lipsticks/glosses
  • a jar of pens (just outside the photo)
We all have these items in our house and we all need them to make it through the day, why not put it all in one place?  I can't tell you how easy it has made my life.  And it is just part of one shelf in my bathroom linen closet.  The shelf above holds my cigar box purses and Delight totes.  Easy-peasy.

Do you think you'd like to have a staging area for your purses?

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