Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unusual Vases, Sequined Hawaiian Juice Cans

Sparkling juice can vases.  A perfectly normal thing to add to my Etsy store, right?  I absolutely love them and it is time that I shared.

Lately my art has been exploring the intersection in life where flowers, packaging and color meet. I have been giving friends and colleagues pop cans full of flowers for years. 
When I lived in Hawaii for a month, I was thrilled to find specialty juice cans more beautiful than any I had seen on the mainland. I mailed a huge box of empty cans back to Michigan (I know, try explaining that to my husband) and have enhanced them with unusual colors of sequins. 

You can see them all at  my Etsy (online marketplace for artists) store here. I know that they are a little crazy...but crazy beautiful, right?




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