Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You've Got Mail: Wooden Botanical Postcards

I wanted to write a special thank you note to a friend, so I went to my stationary basket and pulled out these gorgeous wooden postcards.  That's right.  Wooden postcards.  Have you ever seen any? They are handmade from two pieces of 1/200th (.005) thick Birch veneer.  They are smooth and light and have a wonderful feel to them.  They are the standard postcard size and I believe that they can be mailed with a postcard stamp - I'll find out for sure this afternoon!

Aren't they beautiful?  They each feature a different botanical stamp of an illustration by artist Dana Harter.  I tried to find an online link for you to order some for yourself (I bought mine in a gift shop in northern Michigan) but the only information I could find is: Dana Harter P.O. Box 266 White Pine, MI 49971

I write on these wooden postcards with a fine tip permanent ink Sharpie so that my heartfelt message will last as long as the wood will! 

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