Monday, September 2, 2013

City Series: Hudson, New York: Shopping

I finally made it to the Hudson River Valley...although there is so much more to see! On our jaunt to visit my husband's family near Albany and then on to the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, we penciled in a day to explore the town of Hudson, New York and then tour nearby Olana, home of the famous American painter Frederic Edwin Church.

Today I'll write about shopping in Hudson; tomorrow I'll show you the French lunch spot we found there, then on Wednesday I'll spotlight a sweet treat we enjoyed and on Thursday I will expound on Church's Persian-style home called Olana.
My first stop in Hudson was to the supermarket, but it was nothing like you might expect. This antique shop-filled town boasts a "get lost in for hours" store called the Hudson Super Market. This large retail space (formerly a supermarket - wink) has an enormous variety of vintage items and antiques for sale. 

I was tempted by all sorts of interesting conversation pieces. I loved the selection of glass chemistry beakers, mismatched hotel china and a small collection of ribbons awarded years and years ago at a horse show.  I found interesting items everywhere I looked.  When I am staging areas of my house, I like to create little vignettes and this interesting shop was loaded with the kind of unique pieces that would really tell a story.

The Hudson Supermarket is also loaded with furniture, signage and architectural pieces that just wouldn't fit in an overhead compartment.  If you are ever on a driving trip to Hudson, looking for statement pieces for your home, you will have hit the jackpot. Someday I will be back...with a station wagon.
Another intriguing shop in Hudson is called Rural Residence. What caught my eye right away? This display of tiny Farrow and Ball paint cans.  I know, you just never know with me, do you? There was something about these cans that made me want them.  Was it that they looked like tinned candles?  I think, deep down, it was the fact that they represent my favorite thing: color.

The store has a beautiful selection of coffee table books, unique cards and paper items, a few pieces by the artist John Derian and a large display by Bellocq Tea Atelier.  I know! I haven't seen a Bellocq Tea display since I was in Houston!

Every item in the store gives the feeling that it has been carefully selected to inspire and delight.  I could have shopped here far longer than I did, but it was time to move our group toward lunch down the street.  I tell you, I need more time in Hudson, New York! 
There were other shop windows that looked interesting - antique stores, flower shops, design spots as well as many abandoned buildings looking for tenants.  Hudson seems like a town that is ready to grow, and with the shops and spots that are already committed to its success, I think Hudson will be a magnet for design enthusiasts for years to come. 

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