Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Horse Ribbons: Blue Oxer Equestrian

I happened upon a visual delight.  My friend, Melissa and I were tea-tasting at 
Light of Day Organics, when we looked at the time and realized we had to scoot over and pick up her daughter, who was taking riding lessons from Emily Brinkman at Blue Oxer Equestrian Services.  

I had never been down the back roads we took as a short cut to Maple City and nearby Cold Spring Farm, where the Blue Oxer Equestrian Service thrives.  I have had zero experience with horses and was curious to see inside the stable.
I was beyond impressed.  My overall impression was that it was tidy and calm. You've heard of "content cows" in the ice cream ads?  These were content horses.  The whole place looked beautiful to me, like an equestrian movie set.

Emily Brinkman, owner and expert, is just darling and was tickled when I asked if I could photograph her ribbon display for Moments of Delight.  She was pointing to various ribbons, explaining the event or horse that helped her win it.  I could hardly hear her over the sheer beauty of the display. Do you know what I mean?  The colors, lighting and spacing looked like an artist had come in and arranged it just so.  

I am going to email her the photo above - hopefully she can have it printed as an 8 x 10 and have it as "art" in her home.  

This is the beauty of everyday life.

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