Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lipstick Sunset

The night was coming on so dark and heavy - Fall was in the air; the days were shorter and definitely cooler. This particular life day had been gray, then everything changed at sunset and the deep teal of Lake Michigan was offset by iridescent pinks, lavender, apricot and yellow. 

It was a lipstick sunset.

Do you know the song?  I have a lovely memory of working with a woman one summer who was still receiving mixed tapes by an old flame.  They lived in different parts of the country, but every once in awhile a cassette tape full of music would arrive in her mailbox.  Their lives had moved on, but he still thought of her.  

She shared her favorite tape with me, I dubbed a copy (remember tape-to-tape?) and listened to the patchwork of songs all summer.  "Lipstick Sunset" by John Hiatt was one of my favorites.

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