Wednesday, September 4, 2013

City Series: Hudson, New York: Artisanal Ice Cream: Lick

When I walked into the tiny tiny ice cream shop called Lick in Hudson, New York and saw the listing of artisanal flavors, I found myself wanting too much of a good thing.  Their flavor list was extensive and I narrowed it down to: Lemon Poppyseed, Sassafras, Fig or Lavender. I mean I really couldn't decide.  I easily recommended ice cream pairings for my family (chocolate & lavender, lemon poppy seed and toasted coconut) but I just couldn't pass up any of them when it came to myself.

Finally the hipster scooper said, "Are you going to get 2 scoops?"  Yes, I answered.  "The how about I give you a  half portion of all four flavors?"  Bingo!  
And as I sat on a bench outside, licking and swooning over my ice cream, I appreciated his suggestion even more.  

The lemon poppyseed ice cream tastes so rich and delicate that it could be described as "fancy."  It is bridal shower-worthy, if that makes my meaning more clear.  

The fig ice cream was not vanilla ice cream studded with fig bits. It was a delicious ice cream full of rich fig flavor.  I'd love this flavor paired with a piece of gingerbread cake.

The sassafras ice cream was nice, reminiscent of root beer, but it was my least favorite of the four.  The sassafras wasn't strong enough to hold its own against the creaminess of the ice cream. That said, Dan's uncle ate a large waffle cone of just sassafras ice cream and he was in 7th heaven.  He asked how I had "known" that we should stop for ice cream at Lick.  I told him that I had not heard about it in my research, but I knew that any place called Lick had to be serious about only one thing - artisanal ice cream! 

The lavender ice cream was silky and delicious.  Having had lavender ice cream (and shortbread, lemonade and chocolates) many times before, I knew that the lavender would be a strong flavor.  But they approach lavender just right, at Lick.  I enjoyed the floral notes and happily paired my spoonfuls with the fig ice cream (and some of Dan's dark chocolate ice cream - yum!).

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