Friday, July 8, 2011

Antique Roses

I think the idea of antique roses is so romantic!  This cluster is part of a small hedge that my mom estimates to be almost 100 years old.  We have some old photos of the cottage (built in 1925) and I think I have seen these roses in it!

It seems silly, but ever Summer when they bloom we rejoice that they have lived another year.  We don't really tend them - a little dead heading now and then and some fertilizer, but that's all.  And they are strong and as healthy as if we just put them in.  Love it!

Do you have any plants (or sentimental trees) that have graced your property for a long time?  Doesn't it feel good to know that they will probably be there long after we're gone? 

I tell you, Mother Nature knows what she's doing. 


Anonymous said...

My dad dug up a peony bush that was in his grandmas garden that she dug up from her mom.

It is beautiful and smells like the most expense perfume. Some of the recent flowers have been so cross breed that they don't have a smell. I love this peony bush and hope to have it in my garden one day.

Anne Reeves said...

Isn't that wonderful?! What a treasure. I know that peonies can live and flourish for a long time. If I were you, I would cut some blooms next year, make a bouquet, photograph it and frame it along with some photos of your family. This way the "history" of that gorgeous plant can live on no matter what. All the best, Anne

Anonymous said...

Anne, you remind me to cherish the hostas that are still in my Michigan garden. They started with my father's mother on the farm in Missouri. My daughter also has them at her home here in Memphis. I also have my mother's Christmas cactus. She had it before I was born and always fretted that she was afraid it wouldn't make it! It bloomed from Christmas until Easter this year.
- Marilyn

Elaine said...

I have some rose bushes that were planted by the previous owners of our house and so must be at least 60-65 years old. They are large bushes and have the most beautiful large roses and they are also very fragrant.