Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Case

Can you see what I have been up to?  I've made myself a custom iPod Nano case.  My Nano is light-years from the latest incarnation of music-on-the-go, but it serves me perfectly well.  It is full of the music I love and lets me escape into familiar rhythms and lyrics whenever my mind needs a rest.

My biggest problem with having a small Nano, was that I couldn't keep track of it easily.  When I was on an airplane and I wanted to listen to music, the device was hard to manage and often slipped off the tray table or my lap.  I decided the solution was to make a hanging case for it.

I used an office supply store retractable name badge holder and fashioned a narrow sleeve out of a plastic-coated map (to support my travel theme), lined it with felt (to cushion the Nano) and sewed it together.  I used a hole punch to make the opening for the name bag clasp.  By trimming the excess off with pinking shears, I had a pretty finished edge.  Voila!  The construction is so simple, there is no need for a pattern or tutorial.  Just layer the map and felt and sew - just use a sturdy needle (like one for jeans) to help ease through the layers. 

Now when I travel, I can clip the name badge holder to the "seat pocket in front of me" (or to a beach tote, car pocket, bicycle basket) and my Nano is safe and easily within reach.  When I pack up and move on, I just clip it to my pants pocket and I know exactly where my music is until I deplane and can get organized again.

I hope this simple (but super cute) craft inspires you to fashion your own mini music case. 


Janice said...

I do you find the time to do all the things you do??? You are amazing!

Anne Reeves said...

You are so nice, Janice, thank you! I love to make things and consider my creative life as something I can share. SO GLAD you like what I do!