Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Own Giverny

Would you believe I found my own little Giverny just minutes from our cottage?  I left Glen Arbor, Michigan after a wonderful visit with a friend and was driving north on M-22 when I noticed that the pond I love (that appears in the woods next to the road) was flecked with white spots.  

I pulled over to the side of the road, gambling that the white spots were water lilies and I was right!  What really made me happy was the Impressionistic reflections on the water that look so much like Monet's waterlilies.  Isn't it gorgeous?  What you see above is an unaltered photo -  it looked exactly like that to my eye.

I can only wonder how many artists will be inspired when they find this little piece of heaven by the side of the road.  Are you inspired?  As for myself, I can hardly wait to get to Michaels Craft and buy some canvas and paints!


Broken Barn Industries said...

There's a beautiful lily pond like that down the road from my house. Unfortunately, the owner has ruined the view by placing No Trespassing signs all around it :(

Anne Reeves said...

Rats! I know exactly what you mean - a pretty view spoiled. In terms of photography, I guess you'll have to get good at Photoshop! :-) But your eye will still see it daily - boo! Thanks for commenting!

Elaine said...

That is such a gorgeous shot!