Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gardenia Lover

Sometimes the closest we can get to a real gardenia is to buy one molded of soap and scent by Gianna Rose Atelier.  Have you seen their Tresors du Jardin with 3 Gardenia Soaps in Soap Dish?  The soaps are beautiful and it is such a lovely gift.

I have a particular affinity for gardenias because my mom used to mail them to me.  You read that right.  For a time they had a house and garden in Florida and when the gardenia bloomed she wanted to share it with me.  A Ziploc bag full of damp paper towels and near perfect gardenia blooms would arrive at my house in Michigan in the middle of Winter.  Can you imagine?  It was a wonderful (and fragrant) moment in time.

But on this bright day in Palm Beach, a perfect (and I mean so perfect it must have opened that morning) gardenia was in bloom on a tree within reach.  I zoomed my camera a bit and this is the result.  The pure white waxy petals looked other-worldly and luckily no bug dared to land on this scented masterpiece.

Do you know what a gardenia smells like?  If you do, close your eyes and imagine breathing it in right now.

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