Thursday, March 7, 2013

Las Vegas: Cityscape

I promised one of my readers in Denmark that I would take a lot of photos of Las Vegas to give her some perspective on the city.  Tah-dah! 

A little like Times Square in New York City, the Vegas Strip has gotten a lot of new texture lately.  I notice jumbo trons (giant TV screens) playing video of popular Vegas shows to increase ticket sales everywhere and giant "ad wraps" on buildings (see Gordan Ramsay's face on the column below the Planet Hollywood sign) are promoting restaurant openings and special events.  

Plus the city practically has a soundtrack, now.  Popular music is piped onto the street, into the moving walkways areas, outside by the taxi stands.  There are speakers everywhere.  Las Vegas is no place for a headache.  But it is fun and lively and the lights, music and action certainly makes 4 o'clock in the afternoon  seem just as fun as 1 o'clock in the morning.  But then, that's Las Vegas.
And in the daylight, you can see these glorious mountains in the distance.

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