Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Me for Hot Chocolate

I knew she'd say yes! I invited my friend, Kathleen, to meet me at Schakolad for a cup of hot chocolate.  I had heard about the rich and velvety hot chocolate (milk, dark or white) for a while now and I thought that a cold March day was a perfect time to do a tasting.  It lived up to the buzz, I really enjoyed the hot chocolate, but a smaller cup would have been plenty!  We shared 3 macarons (strawberry, lemon and chocolate) - if only we hadn't cut them in half before the picture! But it was a Wednesday and this is real life.  That's how the macaron crumbles.

The sun was out, but it was hovering near twenty-five degrees, so a warm drink was a welcome distraction.  While we were admiring the chocolates in the glass display case, we noticed a sign urging us to "try a sample cup" of Choffy.

Choffy is a hot drink made by brewing cocoa beans.  It is quite good! A huge draw is it's scent.  You know how a fresh pot of coffee smells strong and inviting?  This hot brewed beverage has a wonderful and strong chocolate scent.  We breathed in our cups and were enjoying Choffy long before the drink hit our lips.  The drink has chocolate undertones, but is hot and unsweetened, with dry chocolate undertones. I liked it.

I can see ordering a cup when you want something hot and flavorful, but don't want the caffeine of coffee, sugar of soda or a drink as weak as tea.  I know that I'll order a cup in the future, or perhaps buying my own bag of beans to brew at home.  Stay tuned...

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