Friday, March 8, 2013

Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Did you know that Burgers are a new trend in Vegas restaurants?  I considered all of my choices and decided that BurGR was the perfect place to go on our last night in Las Vegas.  It's brand new Gordon Ramsey restaurant (opened in Jan 2013), has a really interesting burger menu and is located in the lobby of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.  I was impressed with how the restaurant embraced technology.  When we gave our name at the hostess stand, she took my cell number to text me when the table was ready.  Fabulous! That freed us up to go wander around the casino for a few minutes (don't miss the Go Go dancers up on the tables - this is Vegas, alright).
Out text came within 10 minutes and our table for two was on the glass wall, so we could see a lot of casino action as we ate dinner.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is young and fun.  I enjoyed my Chanterelle Burger with chanterelle mushrooms, arugula and figgy-onion jam, while Dan had an Uber Cheese Burger with fontina, raclette and goat cheese melting on top. We shared a cone of hand cut Just Fries french fries.  
A waitress will bring an iPad to the table with an interactive drink and dessert menu.  We couldn't resist the idea of a pudding-topped milkshake and decided to share a thick chocolate shake topped with 3 inches of homemade caramel pudding and a crisp toffee cookie.  Yum and "I can't eat anymore!"  It was cold and thick and delicious.  A fun splurge and a little bit of memory-making too.  We'll never forget sharing a pudding topped milkshake.  Thanks, Gordon!

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