Friday, March 1, 2013

Las Vegas: Warhol Out West

I considered myself lucky to be staying at The Bellagio in Las Vegas when the largest collection of Warhol art work ever to be showcased in Nevada was being exhibited in their fine art gallery.

The "Warhol Out West" exhibit is fascinating.  If you buy a ticket ($16) for the 2 o'clock time slot, a docent will accompany your group as you view the gallery.  Our docent was an art major in college tour and she did a great job filling in the background of Warhol's life.  

The exhibit has 60 pieces of art, including the celebrated Campbell's tomato soup cans, a series of neon-edged screen prints portraying images of "The West", an interactive exhibit of silver Mylar pillows filled with helium and a series of casual portraits taken of celebrities (Sylvester Stalone, Liza Minnelli, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones) with a Polaroid camera.  My mind was racing.  

You can see 4 examples of the art on display here.

Do you remember when I saw the limited edition Campbell's soup cans at Target?  It was a special collection of 3 label styles designed to salute the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol's tomato soup can.  I happened to still have this photo on my phone and when my group was viewing and discussing the Campbell's soup can series, I was able to show them this picture and tell them about the 50th Anniversary.  No one had seen this display so it was fun to be able to share it. 

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