Monday, March 25, 2013

Maple Sugar Shack

Imagine how happy I was to get out of the car and see this sunlit view into the woods.  It's March and without the green, the woods take on a whole different personality - distant and beautiful.  I loved it. 

Now add that I was there for a party.  Dan and I had driven an hour (with roast beef sandwiches to share) to visit my friends Dana and Lance and join in the fun of an annual community party. 

Now add that the focus of the party was a maple sugar boil - see the buckets on the trees?  It is maple sugar time.  I knew I was a lucky, but this event made me feel really lucky.  With a capital "L"

I stood with the others in a real live sugar shack and watched the sap boil.  If anything could feel like I was on the set of a movie, this was it.  There was live music (a banjo, bass, mandolin and guitars), a potluck meal and what felt like the whole town of North Branch, hanging out in the woods.

I will show you more pictures, and will explain a bit of the process tomorrow.

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